Mentors Needed in Area of Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Portable electronic devices are a common sight in modern day society, and so are the rechargeable batteries that power these devices. These batteries, however, are susceptible to damage from introducing current after peak charge has been achieved. This effect has been dubbed “overcharge damage”, and accounts for a lot of the loss of battery life over the life of the device.

Although most devices provide basic protection to stop catastrophic failure, slight damage can happen over time. Furthermore, Li-Ion batteries  have shortened life-spans the more they spend above 70% charge. Leaving a device plugged in over time also wastes a significant amount of energy. Even though many users are aware of this, it is inconvenient to monitor battery levels, especially when most users recharge devices during nighttime hours (sleep).

  • Type: Engineering
  • Project Members: Norberto Monarrez
  • Date: Summer 2013